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Prohibition of labor outsourcing in Mexico? The effects of the 202 reform on employment

Source: Janette Brito, Jorge Carrillo, Redi Gomis y Alfredo Hualde

La Industria 4.0 en México Análisis Regional Sobre el Conocimiento y la Implementación de 19 Tecnologías

Source: Eduardo Arriola y Jorge Carrillo. UNAM. Plaza y Valdes Editores

The Japanese Production System at Nissan and GM in Developing Countries

Source: Jorge Carrillo y Tetsuo Abo

COVID-19 and industrial resilience in the Global South.  The case study of the auto parts sector in Mexico

Source: Jorge Carrillo, Bertha Vallejo and Redi Gomis

Wage precariousness in the automotive industry in Mexico. Pending gaps before the new labor governance of the T-MEC

Source: Humberto García, Jorge Carrillo y Graciela Bensusán

Labor precariousness in the automotive sector in Mexico: structural differences according to the temporality of birth?

Source: Humberto García y Jorge Carillo

Power Dynamics, Regional Governance Institutions, and the Quality of Work: A Comparison of Baja California and Queretero Aerospace Cluster

Source: Christian Lévesque, Redi Gomis, Blandine Émilien, and Jorge Carrillo, Power

Industrial Policy for the use of the T-MEC and expansionary policies in the United States

Source: Jorge Carrillo y Saúl de los Santos