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Learning about limits to scaling: the cluster of television sets in Mexico

Source: Janette Brito y Jorge Carrillo, 2017.

"Huawei and Foxconn: pioneering cases of the new internationalization of China and its regional impact in Mexico"

Source: Jorge Carrillo, Jordy Micheli, 2017.

"Technological convergence in the maquiladoras of Mexico: a paradigmatic case"

Source: Jorge Carrillo e Ismael Plascencia, 2017.

Is there industrial policy in Guanajuato? Analysis of the automotive industry

Source: Martínez Adriana, Carrillo Jorge, 2017.

"Innovation, Collaboration and Sustainability Networks Regional Experiences and International Trends of the Automotive Industry"

Source: Martínez Adriana, Carrillo Jorge, 2017.

National Experiences of Innovation Ecosystems: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Korea, China and Israel

Source: Plascencia Ismael, Carrillo Jorge, Alcala Ma. Del Carmen, 2017.

"Opportunities and challenges in the insertion in global value chains. The automotive and aerospace industry in Mexico"

Source: Jorge Carrillo, 2016.

The Role of Multinational Enterprises in the Aerospace Industry Clusters in Mexico: The Case of Baja California,

Source: Gomis, R. & Carrillo, J. (2016).