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Made in Mexico Challenges for science and innovation on the northern border

Source: Carrillo, Jorge, Daniel Villavicencio, Saúl de los Santos e Ismael Plascencia, 2016.

The debate on innovation and socio-labor progress. The automotive sector in Mexico

Source: Jorge Carrillo y Graciela Bensusán, 2016.

"The globalization Strategy of a Chinese Multinational: Huawei in Mexico. Huawei: Global trajectory and strategy for Mexico of a Chinese multinational company",

Source: Jordy Michelli y Jorge Carrillo, 2016.

"Internacionalization, integration, and innovation in multinational enterprises in services versus manufacturing: evidence for Mexico", en Innovation and internacionalization of Latin American Services (Hernández, Hualde, Mulder, Sauvé), ECLAC, El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, pp. 99-118

Source: Redi Gomis y Jorge Carrillo, 2016.

Industrial escalation, advanced manufacturing, and its limits. Multinationals in Mexico

Source: Jorge Carrillo, 2015.

State and Cross-border Innovation Experiences in Mexico

Source: Jorge Carrillo y Oscar Contreras (coord.), 2015.

"Analytical approaches and innovation policies in northern Mexico"

Source: Oscar Contreras y Jorge Carrillo, 2015.

"Labour Relations Policies in Multinational: A Three-Country Study of Power Dynamics" Journal of Industrial Relations, Vol. 57, no. 2, 2015, pp.187-209.

Source: Christian Lévesque, Graciela Bensusán, Gregor Murray, Marta Novick, Jorge Carrillo and María Gurrera, 2015.