Dr. Jorge Carrillo Viveros

Dr. Jorge Carrillo, Mexican, is a full time researcher of Social Studies Department at El Northern Border College in Tijuana, Mexico, since 1982. Ph.D. in sociology from El Colegio de Mexico. He has been Visiting Researcher at Université-Paris III; University of California, San Diego; University of Tokyo and  Hitotsubashi University.  Author of 7 books; 15 edited books; 82 book chapters and more than 70 articles in academic journals in Spanish, English, German, Portugues and Japanese. Participation in 40 research projects.  He is a regular member of GERPISA (France), CRIMT (Canada), ALAS (Mexico) and ALST (Uruguay). Two recent books: L. Beukema and J. Carrillo (Ed.), Globalism/Localism at Work,  Elsevier   (Research I the Sociology of Work Vol 13), Amsterdam, 2004 / J. Carrillo, Y. Lung and R. Van Tulder (Ed.),  Cars, Carriers of regionalism?, Palgrave-Macmillan/GERPISA, London/New York, 2004, 309p. He is conducting a survey on employment and innovation with Multinationals in Mexico. This project includes 8 countries from America, Europe and Asia.

Be part of several international research groups:

  • CRIMT: Inter-University Research Center on Globalization and Work
  • GERPISA: Permanent Group for the Study of the Automobile Industry and its Employees
  • INTREPID: Investigation of Transnational's Ermployement Practices: An International Data Base
  • JMNESG: Japanese Multinational Enterprise Study Group
He is co-founder of El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, of the Latin American Association of Labor Sociology (ALAST), of the Mexican Association of Labor Studies (AMET) and founded the Frontera Norte Magazine (COLEF).
Among their latest publications are:
  • The Multinationals in Data. Employment, human resources and innovation in Mexico. The College of the North Border. Tijuana 2018. 263 pp. (Redi Gomis, Jorge Carrillo and Jordy Micheli).
  • Possibilities of Mexican SMEs insertion in the aerospace value chain, the Baja California case. Estudios Fronterizos, Vol. 19, No. 38, enero-abril, 2018, pp. 1-20. (Juana Hernández and Jorge Carrillo).
  • Is it possible to innovate and improve labor? Study of trajectories of multinational companies in Mexico. UAM-Azcapotzalco. Mexico. 2017. (Jorge Carrillo, Graciela Bensusán and Jordy Micheli).
  • Made in Mexico Challenges for science and innovation in the northern border. The College of the North Border and Mexican Council of Social Sciences. Tijuana 2016. 205 pp. (Jorge Carrillo, Daniel Villavicencio, Saul de los Santos and Ismael Plascencia).
  • Productive development and green jobs: the case of the leather-footwear sector in Guanajuato. Ed. Plaza and Vladéz / ILO / Colef / SEDES. Mexico. 2015. 193 pp. (Jorge Carrillo, Adriana Martínez and Regina Galhardi)
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